Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Waiting Game


So this is my first time doing this blog type thing, so bare with me if it takes a few times to get the hang of it. I'll start off with a wee update on our new record, it's nearly finished. We're just putting the final touches to it and sorting out all the fun stuff like artwork/title etc. I'm pretty excited to say the least, got a few surprises up our sleeves with this one. Hopefully we'll be able to announce a release date in the coming weeks/month and let everyone hear something from the record. I'll let you know as soon as I can.

I'm just going to treat this blog like a diary type thing saying what myself and the rest of the band are up to. I'm sure it will get a lot better as the album campaign gets under way and we get back on the road. Also feel free to recommend film/books/music/comics/food to me in the comments bit below, I always like to discover new things.

I've been a bit of a hermit recently due to looking after my poor wee cat Sooty who you see singing into my microphone in the picture above.he's a poor old cat(19 years old) and spent the weekend at the vet after an operation. I did go out last week though to the Take A Worm for A Walk Week album launch, which Dok and I were DJing at. We were told by the band to play the most horrible music possible so we did. The gig was great and I highly recommend you get their new record as it's grand. Apart from that I watched a lot of shite television.

I'll try and post something this time next week. Until then here's what I have been watching,reading and listening to.

Listening to = Radiohead,Take A Worm for A Walk Week,Errors,Emeralds,Wild Beasts,PJ Harvey,New The Twilight Sad mixes

Watched = Source Code,Donnie Darko,Limitless,BBC4 Krautrock Documentary,Masterchef,The American Office,Boardwalk Empire

Read = The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Avengers

Drank = a lot of Yali red wine(most classy thing I drink)


P.S my spelling and grammar is pretty awful


  1. Ah! I now understand why your cat always looks pissed: he has a girlie name! Poor thing was probably bullied by other cats as a kitten.

    I'm glad he's ok now. Hope he gets in top shape to promote his recorded debut.

  2. I don't know. Its solo success is the kind of thing that could pull this band apart at the seams. I've seen too many cats go big time at the cost of their bandmates to not worry a bit.

  3. Agreed f69dfe7a. I would worry most that Sooty has no body - a head so big it has eclipsed his body. If that is what his solo success is going to do to him...