Monday, 5 April 2010

ABC Setlist

Floorboards Under The Bed
Reflection of the Television
Walking For Two Hours
That Birthday Present
Seven Years of Letters
Made to Disappear
That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy
I Became a Prostitute
The Room
And She Would Darken the Memory
I'm Taking the Train Home
Cold Days from the Birdhouse


  1. Thanks for an excellent set - a really special night. Thanks for the setlist too :-)

  2. No Three Seconds of Dead Air?

  3. I Became a Prostitue was IMMENSE~

    Very pleased <3

  4. It sounds a bit patronising but well done for deciding to use the "quad" sound. It was a bit of a statement before the gig and I think it worked although not sure of the techie aspects of it (was it "true" quad, did the Flaming Lips experimental release capture it or did Floyd, the Orb, did see that gig at Barras in the 90s, do it better). I think it enhanced several songs and was a brave attempt to take things a bit further, sincerely thanks for all the effort.

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