Monday, 8 February 2010


We are sad to say Orzel has decided to leave the band. He has been in the band from the beginning, and has lasted more tours with us than what most people would have put up with. here's a letter he wrote -

My Name is Craig.

After a particularly heavy night out which resulted in me waking up
baw deep in a granny I have decided to leave The Twilight Sad.

It's been lots of fun but I feel that this is a good time to end it.
Over the last couople of months I have been looking to do different
things with my life and the full time commitment that The Sad demands
is something I can't satisfy any longer. There has been lots of good
times and I leave with no animosity between me and the other three.

Cheers to all the people who have helped me along the way in my time
in The Sad (6/7 years!), it's been well wicked.


We will continue touring with a new line up starting in March.


  1. Good luck in whatever you end up doing, totally amazing bass player, you always awed me.

  2. Good luck. I'll always remember your awesome terminator leather jacket you wore at The Tunnels in Aberdeen.

  3. I'll remember him for the luchador mask he wore at the Bottletree in Birmingham. I also bought my copy of Forget the Night Ahead from him. Good luck to him!

  4. Good luck man, we had a good chat On the delights of Cumbernauld over breakfast after your gig supporting Idlewild in Lochinver. Did you get the granny's name? Just wondering.

  5. You live, you learn, you google "baw deep"...

    Good luck to Orzel and hope you guys find someone soon.

  6. Awful, awful news. Obviously, I hope the best luck follows Craig wherever he heads and that The Twilight Sad continues to put out stellar work. Best wishes, all.

  7. What a shame. I love seeing the band live and watching Craig stand with perfect posture as he plays. I love the chemistry you guys all have together as a band...good luck nonetheless.

  8. I hope you guys will relay this message to Jake. I am the girl who taught him how to spell his name and my name in American Sign Language after you guys had played at Music Hall of Williamsburg while you were touring with Mogwai. I'm really sad that he will not be with you guys touring to New York again. I had bought a ticket for your show with Mono in May in hopes to see you guys live and reteach Jake how to spell his name :P
    Anyway. Much luck to Jake in whatever he does, and luck to you guys on your tour :)

    - Ivy